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Using PuTTY with Xming PC X Server

If you PuTTY/SSH into a machine and try

ray03% xclock

chances are you will see

Error: Can't open display:

How can we fix this?

First of all, you need a PC X Server on your client PC. We can use Xming, available for free, downloadable from

Install it and make sure that it's running.

Now configure your PuTTY. When you start PuTTY you will see the PuTTY Configuration window. Under "Category:" select Connection > SSH > X11. Make sure that "Enable X11 forwarding" is ticked. For "X display location" enter "".

(You can persist these settings for each session if you then select the category "Session" and click on "Save".)

Now you should see the X window when you run xclock.

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