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Creating a new project

To create a repository named thalesians and put it under /svn, use

sudo svnadmin create /svn/thalesians


svn info

Merging from another branch

svn merge --change REV URL/To/Source Path/To/Target

Producing and applying a diff file (patch)

Producing a diff file

For a directory tree, recursively:

cd (source working copy subdirectory)
svn diff > changes.diff

For a single file:

cd (source working copy subdirectory)
svn diff foo.cpp

If the file is called foo.cpp.

Applying a diff file

cd (target working copy subdirectory)
patch -p0 -i changes.diff

patch is usually part of standard Linux and Unix distributions. It is also part of GnuWin32.

Of course, this will only apply the diff file to your working copy not the SVN repository. You will have to commit these changes to the SVN repository at some point.

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