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Trading Thalesians

Trading Thalesians

Trading Thalesians: What the ancient world can teach us about trading today (Palgrave Macmillan)

By Saeed Amen, co-founder of the Thalesians (foreword by Paul Bilokon, founder of the Thalesians)

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What can the ancient world teach us about modern money markets? How can we use examples from the ancient world, philosophers and writers to better understand the markets? Just as historians such as Herodotus living in ancient Greece examined the past, can traders look to their past to learn something new? In this exciting new book, Saeed Amen looks to the ancient world to help us better understand modern money markets, demonstrating what ancient philosophers can teach us about trading markets today, and showing readers how to maximize their returns. Based on the rationale that if your primary objective is purely to make money from trading quickly, you can make decisions that perversely increase the likelihood of losing; this book demonstrates how successful trading can actually be achieved as a byproduct of good trading. Relating concepts from the ancient world, such as water and risk, diversified knowledge, Herodotus and historical bias to the modern world money markets, Amen demonstrates that by focusing on goals that go beyond making money, lateral thinking, targeting risk adjusted returns, and keeping drawdowns in check, investors will indirectly make more money in the long run. Investors might be fooled by randomness on occasion, but luck can never be derided as an important factor, which helps investors succeed. Instead repeated success in investing capital over an extended period seems to be less a product of randomness, but instead a product of a profound understanding of markets.

Trading Thalesians Testimonials

  • Gregory Zuckerman, author of The Greatest Trade Ever and The Frackers / ‘Saeed Amen’s important book explores what quantitative finance, mathematics, physics and computer science teach us about risk, trading and modern financial markets. He tackles a series of challenging questions with insight.’
  • Paul A. Bilokon, Founder, CEO, Thalesians Ltd., Director, Markets Electronic Trading, Deutsche Bank / ‘Saeed is drawing on his extensive experience of working in financial markets, and no less extensive erudition, to elucidate the inner workings of finance. This work has resulted in an instructive and enjoyable book.’
  • Iain Clark, Managing Director & Founder, Efficient Frontier Consulting / ‘A masterful reflection on the philosophy of trading, with truly valuable insights from ancient and modern times.’
  • Geoffrey Kendrick, Head of Asia FX & Rates Strategy, Morgan Stanley / ‘Saeed Amen has a unique take on financial markets, developed through his work in the industry over the past decade. In this book he helps the reader draw conclusions across millennia, suggesting ultimately that human nature, which drives financial markets, hasn’t really changed.’
  • Eric Burroughs, Global Editor, Reuters Buzz / ‘Saeed Amen lucidly explores how the concepts of the ancient world can help us understand the nature of markets while making modern concepts of risk-taking and return digestible. This book helps financial pros and novices alike to think through their own biases and make better decisions.’
  • Fred Goodwin, State Street Bank / ‘This is a crowning achievement from a seasoned professional with many years on Wall Street. Probability, systematic trading, risk management, history and philosophy are woven into a well-written narrative suitable for all levels of investment knowledge.’
  • Jim McCormick, Barclays Bank / ‘Saeed Amen’s Trading Thalesians is a unique mix of industry financial market anecdotes, Greek philosophy and real trading guidance. A great read for anyone interested in finance, but looking for something more than just maths equations.’
  • Desmond Supple, Head of Global Market research, Nomura / ‘A fascinating book, that emphasises the timelessness of our contemporary economic and financial market challenges as well as highlighting the lessons that can be learned from how Antiquity contextualised and addressed these problems.’

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Basis of Everything is Water: Understanding Risk in Markets
  • Harvesting Olives: Alpha and Beta Strategies
  • The Code of Hammurabi: Reducing Risk
  • Not What They Care About: Having Targets Other Than Returns
  • Predicting the Eclipse: Searching for a Black Swan and Windows of Doom
  • In the Stars: Lateral Thinking to Understand Markets
  • The Silk Road and its Secrets: Is There Really a Secret Sauce in Trading?
  • The Father of History: This Time is Sometimes Different in Markets
  • A Last Word to Conclude