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Our pilot Frankfurt talk took place in June 2015 and our first major event will take place in September 2015. We run these events as Thalesians/Quant Finance Group Germany, with leaders Jochen Papenbrock and Adrian Zymolka organising our talks. We are planning to expand our talks to other cities in Germany over time. The Thalesians/Quant Finance Group Germany has a LinkedIn discussion group which can be accessed here.

Next Frankfurt events

Coming soon!


PPI AG Office, Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße 79, Frankfurt Am Main (edit map)

Frankfurt Leaders

Jochen Papenbrock (Frankfurt)

Jochen Papenbrock

Dr. Jochen Papenbrock is a FinTech entrepreneur with focus on quantitative modeling, Data Science and AI at financial service companies. He is CEO/co-founder of the FinTech company Firamis which has developed InvestTech, WealthTech, RiskTech and RegTech solutions based on a proprietary AI software platform. Customers include banks and asset managers. Jochen has a degree and doctorate from KIT, where the scientific foundation of the approaches was laid. Firamis conducts own scientific research and is committed to FinTech ecosystems.

Adrian Zymolka (Frankfurt)

Adrian Zymolka

Dr. Adrian Zymolka has a decade of experience in working with clients of Axioma’s sophisticated products in the financial industry. With his mathematical and optimization background, he is passionate about making sure that any users have maximum benefit from the portfolio construction, risk management and performance attribution software tools as well as content products like risk models and factor libraries.

From 2015 on, Adrian heads Axioma's new Frankfurt office servicing German-speaking Europe. In 2010, he moved to New York to lead the Client Services team in the US. Adrian joined Axioma in 2007 in the London office as Director of Client Services Europe, offering training, consulting services and mathematical support to users.

Prior to Axioma, Adrian was a research assistant at the Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB) in the Optimization department headed by Prof. Martin Grötschel. During his Ph.D. time, he developed optimization methods for highly complex problems in the area of telecommunication network design. Besides leading and participating in various industrial projects, he also carried out a strong research record. In 2006, he joined atesio, a ZIB spin-off company, where he worked as optimization developer and consultant.

Adrian holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics (Optimization) from the Technical University in Berlin and a Master in Mathematics from Philipps University in Marburg, Germany.