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On the Thalesians & Trading Thalesians

We are ever so grateful to our members and friends for praising the Thalesians. It encourages us to work harder and smarter. Here are some testimonials about the Thalesians and also our new book Trading Thalesians: What the ancient world can teach us about trading today (Palgrave Macmillan).

Peter Hafez, Head of Quantitative Research, RavenPack

In my capacity as Head of Quantitative Research at RavenPack, I had the privilege to work with the Thalesians on a project focusing on the applications of news analytics in the forex and fixed income markets. The outcome of the project was two papers proposing how news volumes and sentiment could be used to enhance traditional carry strategies, or to create sentiment-driven long/short baskets of government yields. Both papers were very well received by our clients, and we saw a lot of interest coming from the papers. In addition, in 2014, I had the privilege of attending one of Saeed Amen's presentations at the Global Derivatives conference in Chicago, something I found particularly inspiring. Overall, I would be happy to engage the Thalesians in future projects at RavenPack.

Dr. Adrian Zymolka, Director, Client Services Europe, Axioma (UK) Ltd.

The Thalesians offer an innovative take on the presentation and discussion of quantitative financial research. I enjoy the liberal atmosphere and the interesting lectures from different areas in finance and mathematics.

Gregory Zuckerman, author of The Greatest Trade Ever and The Frackers

Saeed Amen’s important book explores what quantitative finance, mathematics, physics and computer science teach us about risk, trading and modern financial markets. He tackles a series of challenging questions with insight.

Paul A. Bilokon, Founder, CEO, Thalesians Ltd., Director, Markets Electronic Trading, Deutsche Bank

Saeed is drawing on his extensive experience of working in financial markets, and no less extensive erudition, to elucidate the inner workings of finance. This work has resulted in an instructive and enjoyable book.

Iain Clark, Managing Director & Founder, Efficient Frontier Consulting

A masterful reflection on the philosophy of trading, with truly valuable insights from ancient and modern times.

Geoffrey Kendrick, Head of Asia FX & Rates Strategy, Morgan Stanley

Saeed Amen has a unique take on financial markets, developed through his work in the industry over the past decade. In this book he helps the reader draw conclusions across millennia, suggesting ultimately that human nature, which drives financial markets, hasn’t really changed.

Eric Burroughs, Global Editor, Reuters Buzz

Saeed Amen lucidly explores how the concepts of the ancient world can help us understand the nature of markets while making modern concepts of risk-taking and return digestible. This book helps financial pros and novices alike to think through their own biases and make better decisions.

Fred Goodwin, State Street Bank

This is a crowning achievement from a seasoned professional with many years on Wall Street. Probability, systematic trading, risk management, history and philosophy are woven into a well-written narrative suitable for all levels of investment knowledge.

Jim McCormick, Barclays Bank

Saeed Amen’s Trading Thalesians is a unique mix of industry financial market anecdotes, Greek philosophy and real trading guidance. A great read for anyone interested in finance, but looking for something more than just maths equations.

Desmond Supple, Head of Global Market research, Nomura

A fascinating book, that emphasises the timelessness of our contemporary economic and financial market challenges as well as highlighting the lessons that can be learned from how Antiquity contextualised and addressed these problems.

Seshan Subramanian, AVP, Business Analyst, Credit Suisse

The Thalesian site is fantastic. Especially the lecture series are a major step forward in the sense that you are leading it placing emphasis on knowledge rather than money as compared to some who do this only for money. It's accessible and affordable!